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Carbonyl Compounds

Carbonyl Compounds

Session 31: Carbonyl Compounds

Carbonyl Compounds

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  • Carbonyl Compounds

    The following concepts are covered in this session:

    ♦ Definition of carbonyl compounds

    ♦ Definition of aldehydes and ketones

    ♦ Molecular formulae of aldehydes and ketones

    ♦ Differences in reactions of aldehydes and ketones

    ♦ Preparation of carbonyl compounds by oxidation of alcohols

    ♦ Preparation of carbonyl compounds by catalytic dehydrogenation of alcohols

    ♦ Reactions of carbonyl compounds:

         - Oxidation

         - Reduction with Lithium Aluminium Hydride

         - Nucleophilic addition reaction with HCN

    Notes are also available in the document section

  • Session 31: Carbonyl Compounds

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