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Rates of Reaction

Rates of Reaction - GRAPHS

Session 22: Rates of Reaction

Rates of Reaction - GRAPHS

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  • Rates of Reaction

    Types of reaction graphs is discussed in this session

    "How to determine order of reaction from Concentration-time graphs" is explained. 

    Concentration-time graphs for zero order, first order, second order and higher orders are discussed


    The following video lessons are available:

    Part 8 - Example 2Determining order of reaction from given experimental data

    Part 9 - Finding concentration from given rate equation.

    Part 10 - Concentration-time graphs

                 - Determining rate of reaction from Concentration-time graph

    Part 11 - Concentration-time graph for zero-order reaction

    Part 12 - Concentration-time graph for first-order reaction

    Part 13 - Concentration-time graph for second-order reaction


    The exercise file section contains notes and homework for Rates of reaction.

  • Session 22: Rates of Reaction

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