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Session 37: Radioactivity


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  • Radioactivity

    Uses & Dangers of Radioactive Radiations

    The chapter Radioactivity is explained in this session. 

    The following concepts are explained:

         ♦ Types of Radiations

         Deflection of Radiations by an Electric Field
         ♦ Deflection of Radiations by a Magnetic Field
         ♦ Detection of Radioactivity by GM tube
         ♦ Detection of Radioactivity by Cloud Chamber
         ♦ Background Radiation
         Emission of Alpha, Beta & Gamma rays
         Decay Equations 
         ♦ Half-life of a radioactive element
         ♦ Decay Curve
         ♦ Finding half-life from Decay Curve of a radioactive element
         ♦ Examples  involving Count Rates & Half-life
         ♦ Uses of Radioactive Materials
         Safety Precautions
         ♦ Past Exam Questions discussed
    The exercise file section contains notes and homework
  • Session 37: Radioactivity

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