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Chemical Calculations - Titration

Session 24: Titration

Chemical Calculations - Titration

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  • Chemical Calculations - Titration

    You will learn about Titration, and related calculations on concentration and volume of reacting solutions, in this session. 

    You will learn about the procedure used in titration, and also about the laboratory equipment used in the process.

    The following concepts are explained:

          ♦ Titration explained as a method of chemical analysis

          ♦ Laboratory equipment such as burette, pipette and conical flask explained, and demonstration given

          ♦ Procedure of titration is explained

          ♦ How to read volume of solution used from a burette is explained

          ♦ Indicator solution is explained, and methyl orange as an indicator used in titration is discussed

          ♦ Detailed example on a titration is discussed where the concentration of a solution is calculated


    video lessons are available to explain the above concepts

    Notes and Homework are also available in the document section

  • Session 24: Titration

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